Adric Penderyn


One of the two surviving children of the Penderyn family, Adric and his sister Mara were adopted by a long-time friend of the family, Dr Morlan Erdrad. An occult scholar, Dr Erdrad noted the children’s innate sorcerous potential, and took them under his wing as apprentices. Adric was the quicker study of the two, and had more of a passion for the arts their mentor tutored them in than his younger sister, who found the lessons more unnerving than wondrous.

However, Adric’s curious nature led him to investigate the secrets within Edrad’s own mystical research notes. He found details of a ritual that Dr Erdrad was attempting to devise, which would require either himself or his sister (perhaps both, in seperate castings) as components. While he could not fully comprehend the ritual’s purpose, he could tell it would not be good for whichever sibling was used.

After he had sought out his sister and warned her of Edrad’s intentions, the two of them gathered some supplies, then snuck out of Edrad’s estate under cover of darkness and fled. Adric and Mara have been on the run ever since, eventually hiding out in Duskvol, where Adric joined a crew, using his magical talents to earn a living for them both. While his sister has stopped practicing since their escape, Adric continues to delve deeper into the mystical arts, trying to gain greater power in order to protect himself and Mara when Dr Erdrad inevitably tracks them down. Mara, however, worries what such power will cost him…

Adric Penderyn

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